Each day during the  month of March we will be sharing a devotional from a booklet written by Steve Love. Steve is a member of Canton First and a Traumatic Brain Injury survivor. If you would like a complete PDF of this devotional, it can be downloaded here.

Day 24

Deuteronomy 30:6 (New International Version)

The LORD your God will circumcise your hearts and the hearts of your descendants, so that you may love him with all your heart and with all your soul, and live.


     Moses wants the people of Israel to have a heart/mind/soul like God’s heart/mind/soul.  He wanted them to have the ability to love God with all their heart/mind/soul.  Moses understood that all of them need to have a heart/mind/soul like God to be able to live and to have a life with meaning.  He knew that this desire could not stop with one generation but had to be passing on to next generation.

    It is God who touches our heart/mind/soul giving us the ability to love Him with all of our heart/mind/soul. Love Him with all of our heart/min/soul give us life.  God’s way is simple; it is man who has tried to find another answer to live.  All we must do is what Moses told his people love God with all of our heart/mind/soul and live. 

    What does it means to love God with all of our heart/mind/soul?  We are to love God the same why He loves us.  Think about how God has shown His love to you.  Remember the times in your life when the only thing you had to relay on to see you through your problems was God’s love.  God’s   love is real, and I have experience it in my own life.  His love made all the different when problems manifested themselves.  We are to love Him in the same way He loves us.

    God has never asked someone to do that which they could not do.  If tells us to love Him with the same maser He has shown us love, then we can do it?  It has nothing to do with having the problems of a brain injury as part of our lives.  It might seem to us at times that the problem of dealing with a brain injury controls our lives at time.  Yes, there are times it dose demand a lot of our time.  Life is more then our brain injury. Loving God with all our heart/mind/soul give us the ability to live life.

   In the early stages of our brain injury, life did stop and went at a slow pace.   All our focus was need.  God was there helping and loving us.  There are times in life when we are press for time, circumstance dictate the amount of time we spend dealing with them.  Even in those hacked times and harsh circumstance we still can love God with all our heart/mind/soul.  

    Life puts a lot of demands on us.  It is only when we are too distracted and do not take the time to spend with God, talk to Him, nor go to His house for worshiping Him we have problems.   The danger is in such time as these within our life can stop loving God with all our heart/mind/soul. 

Pray and thank God for being God, one who love us, one who has our best interest in His heart/mind.

Pray and thank God for all the time He was there for you in life.

Pray and ask God to help us never to be too distracted with our problems that we forget to spend time with Him.